The film is a part of a 3 film campaign for the slot Book Adaptations on star movies where we showcased films adapted from books. The 3 films were based on the 3 genres - thriller, comedy and romance.
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    Star Movies India

  • Directed by: Wasim Saiyed
  • Written by: Shardul Shaligram
  • Assistant Director: Bhumika Mukherjee, Melroy D’silva, Rinoj Joy
  • Director of Photography: Andre Menezes
  • Focus Puller: Sonu
  • Art Direction: Parichit Paralkar
  • Line Producer: Sanjay Agarwal
  • Costumes: Seepi Gupta
  • Casting: Jagdeesh
  • Lead Cast: Vikram Sharma
  • Edited by: Kailash Singh Tanganiya and Rupesh Parmar
  • Sound Engineering: Pradeep Kahar
  • Spot Boys: Sanjay Gupta, Rakesh
  • Star Movies Select HD Marketing Team: Anup Nair, Yatithi, Aditya Tiwari, Tatum Dsouza
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