Lady in Red

A one line tweet ended up in a short film. "The magician spent many nights making his pretty assistant vanish, but it was the magician's wife that made her disappear" - Steven Fernandez
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    Star Movies India

  • Directed by: Wasim Saiyed
  • Screenplay: Rhea Dasgupta
  • 1st A.D: Rhea Dasgupta
  • Second A.D: Bhumika Mukherjee
  • Storyboard: Bhumika Mukherjee
  • Communications Head: Akee Kamath
  • Graphics: Puru Lala
  • Editing and Sound Design: Kailash Singh Tanganiya
  • Online: Gautam Nalubala
  • Sound Engineer: Shebin Mathew
  • Marketing Head: Tatum Dsouza
  • Marketing Team: Abhishek Vats, Arjun Mohan, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Anup Nair
  • Cinematography: Rubyz Rubyz
  • AC: Ravindra Mahadik
  • Focus Puller: Pramod Shetty
  • Color Grading: Sameer Pandit
  • Production House: Aena Productions
  • Costume Styling: Seepi Gupta
  • Casting: Neha Bhattar
  • Cast: Nancy Thakkar, Vishal Patni, Ilda and Iuliia Markelova
  • Voice Over: Barbara Quesada and Martin Yap
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