Signature Styles

When you have to create a frame that looks like it's shot by the legends, you are under tremendous pressure. A promo that took a lot of hard work. Special thanks to Rhea Dasgupta and Bhumika Mukherjee.
  • Client

    Star Movies India

  • Directed by: Wasim Saiyed
  • Co-Directed by: Rhea Dasgupta and Bhumika Mukherjee
  • Written by: Rhea Dasgupta
  • Communications Head: Akee Kamath
  • Star Marketing team: Tatum Dsouza, Anup Nair, Abhishek Vats
  • Director of Photography: Vasudeo Arun Rane
  • DOP’s assistant: Vivian Vijay Gaikwad and Kabir Menon
  • Key Grip: Zafar
  • Line Producer: Paresh Surve
  • Production: Mahendra Yadav
  • Production boys: Siddharth Ghodeshwar and Sanjay Saindane
  • Art: Ajay
  • Make up: Jesse Khan
  • Costume Stylist: Dharaa Brahmbhatt
  • Offline: Kailash Singh Tanganiya
  • Online: Gautam Nalubala and Dutta
  • GFX: Rajkrishna Mahanta
  • GFX Head: Puru Lala
  • Actor: Anastasiya Hamolka
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